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- 1960's ROCK-N-Roll BANDS -


(1960 - 1970)

Come and join me (Dick Lee) on Saturdays (12:00 noon)
 at KOOL FM 104.5 (Hanford, CA) and listen to the great
garage bands from the central San Joaquin Valley
from the late 1950's through 1970.  Go to your
internet browser and type in "KOOL FM 104.5 Hanford
and listen to the show.

* This page is dedicated to the numerous friends and musicians who were members of great

rock-n-roll groups from The Central San Joaquin Valley during the 1960's. We were frequently booked on

the same venue by our manager, Mel Simas (Melco Interprises). Recently, a classic oldies D.J.(David Anthony)

from Fresno, California referred to these groups as producing a distinct sound: "The Sounds of The San Joaquin."

If you were a member of a 60's valley rock group and would like to post a photo and/or web site link of your

group on this page, please contact me ( My main goal is to contact as many central

valley bands as possible and obtain any of your 1960's photos or recordings for possible release on a compilation CD.

If you are interested, contact me at:

Many thanks to "KFSR" radio, Fresno, CA for broadcasting a 90 minute show featuring

the great 1960's bands of the San Joaquin Valley (aired - November, 2008). Contact me for

more information about the show.


6.24.2016:  Photos of bands and artists on this page:



10th Avenue Produce Band - Hanford, CA

Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings – Delano, Ca

Anonymous Five, The - Corcoran, CA
Avengers, The - Bakersfield, CA

Bentley Road – Kingsburg, CA
Bobby and the Ria
ltos, Tulare, CA
Brogues, The - Merced, CA
Brymers, The – Lemoore, CA

Cantebury Fair - Fresno, CA
Challengers, The – Lemoore, CA
Charades Band, The – Tulare, CA

Cindermen, The - Fresno, CA

Classix, The - Porterville, CA

Chocolate Tunnel, The - Bakersfield, CA

Commons, The - Tranquility, CA

Covert, John and The Crystal Image
de-Fenders, The – Lemoore, CA
Ebonknights, The - Madera, CA

Emeralds, The – Hanford, CA

Eisage, The - Modesto, CA

Epics, The - Bakersfield, CA

Exterminators, The - Fresno, CA
Fapardokly – Pismo Beach, CA

Five Trebles, The - Fresno, CA

Forth OnCome, The - Hanford, CA

Gathering Sounds, The - Exeter, CA
Hal Diamond Trio – Hanford, CA

Hayward Lee and The Marauders - Fresno, CA

Invaders, The - Lemoore, CA

Impacts, Pismo Beach - CA
Implicits, The – Visalia, CA

Jeanie Sanders - Hanford, CA

Kings Verses, The - Fresno, CA
Jim Doval and the Gauchos – Fresno, CA
Jim Kay and the Vibradors – Kingsburg, CA
Jim Waller and the Deltas – Fresno, CA

Lavender Hill Mob, The - Fresno, CA
Lee Riders, The - Hanford, CA
Little Ray - Delano, CA

Leviathan - Fresno, CA

Lloyd Pucket and the Armona Nutcrackers – Armona, CA

Mal-T's, The - Stockton, CA

Michael and the Jesters - Dinuba, CA

Misfits, The - Fresno, California

Mixture, The - Hanford, CA

New Life, The - Fresno, CA

Nocturnes, The - Lemoore, CA

Nomads, The - Hanford, CA

Pat and Lolly Vegas - Fresno, CA

Quinn-Teens, The - Bakersfield, CA

Raik's Progress - Fresno, CA

Ravens, The - Fresno, CA

Renegades, The - Fresno, CA

Revels, The - San Luis Obispo, CA

Rev-Lons, The - Bakersfield, CA

Ray Camacho and the Teardrops, Fresno, CA

R.D. and The Showmen, Visalia, CA

Rick Lee and The Barons - Bakersfield , CA

Rivington Quartet, The - Visalia, CA
Road Runners, The – Fresno, CA

RockChester Bang - Kingsburg, CA

Rockets Band, The - Bakersfield, CA

Rhythm Aces - Tulare, CA

Ron Pearson and the Ron Dons - Fresno, CA

Satellites, The - Tulare, CA

Saturday Nights, The - Visalia, CA

Sedate Sunshine Colony, The – Kingsburg, CA

Sentinals, The - San Luis Obispo, CA

Sentrys, The - Coalinga, CA

Solid Gold and The Classics - Hanford, CA
Spats, The – Los Angeles, CA

Stepping Stones, The – Tulare, CA
Sullies, The – Lemoore, CA

Surf Teens, The - Atascadero, CA

Tab and Hilliard Streets - Fresno, CA

Twelve Miles Out (TMO) - Kingsburg, CA

United Sons of America - Bakersfield, CA

Van Dykes, The - Fresno, CA

Wildwood - Stockton, CA


Below, are listed some of the great night clubs and venues that these San Joaquin Bands bands

performed at during the 1960's. PLEASE e-mail me and assist with naming the clubs or

venues that have been left out. Contact:



 Rainbow Ballroom, The - Fresno, CA

Marigold Ballroom, The - Fresno, CA

 Monkey's Eye, The - Visalia, CA

Pink Kitten, The - Fresno, Ca

 Party, The - Fresno, CA

El Rancho, The - Fresno, CA

Pacific Playhouse, Stockton, CA

Place, The - Fresno, CA

Trophy Room, The - Sacramento, CA

Bakersfield Civic Auditorium - Bakersfield, CA

Crimson Castle, The - Fresno, CA

Bo-Andy's - Modesto, CA

Rockinghorse Inn - Fresno, CA

Falls, The - Bass Lake, CA

Lemoore Civic Auditorium - Lemoore, CA

Tulare Vetreran's Memorial Building - Tulare, CA

South Seas, The - Lemoore, Ca

Armona Club, The - Armona, CA

Jasmine Tree, The - Bakersfield, CA

Lake Ming - Bakersfield, CA





* I recommend to all my rock-n-roll 1960's valley musician friends to contact Mike

Dugo ( and allow him to do an indepth interview and

history of your band. Mike is a great guy who has a passion for 60's rock-n-roll

garage band music.






(1960 - 1970)



Mel Simas - "Melco Enterprises"

Radio Station "KCOK", Tulare, California

- 1964 -


*Many thanks to our manager and friend (Mel Simas) who provided a venue for

the San Joaquin Valley Bands to perform through-out the 1960's.







Danny Thomas and Al Verissimo, Sr.


Al Verissimo (along with Mel Simas and Bill Silva)  were the managers of

The Gauchos, The Brymers, and The Stepping Stones.  Al was a great

manager and promoter of the three bands.  His son (Al "Butch" Verissimo, Jr.)

was the front man and lead singer for The Stepping Stones.









Paul Fredricks was another great rock-n-roll D.J. from

Radio "KCOK" - Tulare, CA. Many thanks to Ray Baradat of

The Charades Band, for providing this photo.

"Classic Rock Nuggets from the 1960's"
Performed by:  "The Brymers"

Listen to The Brymers perform a medley of their favorite 1960's classic rock songs

while you view photos of the great 1960's rock-n-roll groups from the San Joaquin Valley.

It is hoped that the three song medley will bring back some great memories of the era

and its music. This track was recorded in July 2008 and is off of The Brymers

"40 Year Brotherhood" CD.



New Album Release by


"The Charades"


"Echoes of Yesterday"






The Charades band of Tulare has released another great album. 

Ray Baradat, Syl Grigsby and the rest of the gang give the

listener a great taste of what music was like in the late 50's and 60's.

The CD ("Echoes of Yesterday") has 20 tracks laced with great harmonies

and arrangements.  As Ray Baradat stated in the liner notes:


"It seems like the music of our youth never leaves us.  On this CD I decided

to go back to the music we sang on stage and in some cases

recorded ourselves.  This music speaks to me and to others older than 60. 

The younger folks missed a simpler time when drag races, cherry cokes, and poodle

 skirts were the in thing.  This is the music of that time."


Three of my personal favorites include "Please Be My Love Tonight," "Surf-N-Stomp,"

and "Don't Let Go."


Take a spin with "The Charades" and visit CDbaby ( or Charades Records to

purchase your copy:







Below, is a personal "11" CD set collection of great Central Valley

60's rock groups. Many of the tracks were regional releases and

numerous others were not released. Speciality labels such as

Sundazed Records, Rhino Records, Ace Records, Charades Records,

Ocean Records, and CD Baby have these artists' albums for sale.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact me


11.12.2015: The CD set has been up dated to "11" CD's with the inclusion

of three additional valley bands.

"Click Any Where on CD To Open"

                                                     DISC 1                                                                                                                                               DISC 2

                                            DISC 3                                                                                                                            DISC 4
                                            DISC 5                                                                                                                           DISC 6
                                             DISC 7                                                                                                                       DISC 8
                                             DISC 9                                                                                                                       DISC 10
                                        DISC 11

"The 45 Guy Show"
AM 950 "KAHI" Live
Saturdays - 11:00 a.m.
Hosted by Mike MacKenzie

Remember when radio disc jockeys played 45 rpm records on AM radio stations? 
Mike Mackenzie does, and his retro radio show brings back those memories. The 45 Guy Show
airs every Saturday morning on AM 950 "KAHI" (Sacramento foothills), where Mike selects 
songs from his collection of thousands of old 7" vinyl records, and provides his listeners
with a creative mix of music, information, and humor.
In the spirit of radio, "The 45 Guy" has dusted off his old phonograph, lifted the tone arm,
cleaned the stylus and put on the spindle.  It's time to play records again! We hope you will 
enjoy the show... every song, story, skip, crackly and pop.


Hanford, CA
DECEMBER 31, 1966
JULY 5, 1967
Jim Waller and the Deltas
Fresno, CA

Formed: 1961 at Fresno State College

Disbanded: 1967

 The Deltas were a top act from Fresno. They frequently played at the Rainbow Ballroom, The Party, and the KMAKe Stringray dances at the Marigold Ballroom. And, who can forget those infamous summer nights (1963 - 1964) at Bass Lake listenig to the Deltas at "The Falls." Jim Waller currently teaches Music Industry Studies at a University in Texas and Jeff Christensen resides in Fresno. Terry Christofferson went on to play for Buck Owens and still works for Owen's entertainment organization in Bakersfield. The original band members of "The Deltas" are pictured above. L to R: Jeff Christensen, drums; Eddy Atkinson, bass guitar; Roy Carlson, sax; Terry Christofferson, guitar; and Jim Waller, keyboard.







Jim Waller and The Deltas

This photo of The Deltas was taken at "The A Go Go" in Seattle, Washington (August, 1965). Band members L to R: Eddie Gallegos, Roy Carlson, Jim Waller, Jeff Christensen, and

Floyd Gaines.



 The Roadrunners
Fresno, CA
One of my favorite band's from Fresno was "The Road Runners." The group was formed in 1962 at Fresno High School for a senior assembly. Larry Karagozian was always late to his civics class and was nicknamed "Road Runner Larry." Larry decided to attach the name to the newly formed group. Larry left the group and was replaced by Randy Hall, vocalist, song writer, and bass player. Many thanks to Larry for this info. One member of the group, Conte, left and joined "The Tower of Power" while Kelly Smith (drummer) joined "The Gauchos."

The Road Runners - circa 1966

Fresno, CA

L. to R.: Dale Samuelian (organ, vocals), Randy Hall (bass guitar, vocals), Denver Cross (guitar, vocals), Bob Trippell (sax ), and Steve Heitkotter (drums).

The Roadrunners are seen performing at a gig in Fresno - 1965.  Band Members L to R: Dale Samuelian (organ/vocals); Randy Hall (bass guitar/vocals); Steve Heitkotter (drums); Denver Cross (lead guitar/vocals); and Bob Trippell (sax).

L. to R.: Dale Samuelian (organ, vocals), Denver Cross (guitar, vocals), Bob Trippell (sax - and holding up cowboy hat), Steve Heitkotter (drums), and Randy Hall (bass guitar, vocals). See here performing at Gottschalk's Department Store, Fresno, California - 1966.

"Take Me"
The Roadrunners
Pictured above is a photo of The Roadrunners first single
 titled "Take Me."  The 45 was later picked up by Reprise
Records for distribition.  The copy above is an Italian
version and is rather rare due to the art work on the sleeve.
Many thanks to Clayton Silva for the information and
photo.  Clayton and his friend (Clint) are true collectors
and aficionados of the 1960's garage rock scene. 
"I'll Make it Up To You"
Listen to The Roadrunners perform one of their original songs called
"I'll Make It Up To You."  The track was written by Randy Hall (bass guitar/lead vocals).   
"Sleepy Friend"
Listen to The Roadrunners perform another original song called
"Sleepy Friend." The track was written by Randy Hall (bass guitar/lead vocals).

The Road Runners and The de-Fenders performed together on numberous

occassions. To purchase a reproduction of this poster from 1964 - see the

"Posters" tab on this site.






- Circe 1965 -






Randy Hall


Randy Hall was the bass player and lead vocalist for The Roadrunners.

This photo was taken during a solo performance at the West Hills

College Auditorium, Coalinga, CA (1977). Many thanks to

Christian Ard for providing this photo.






Denver Cross




Denver Cross played lead guitar/vocalist for The

Roadrunners.  This photo was taken during a 1977

performance in Bakersfield, California. 




"The de-Fenders"
Lemoore, CA
-1963 - 1965-
 The de-Fenders were a surf band based out of Lemoore,
California.  The group played the surf sounds of the day
and performed through-out the central valley area.  "The de-Fenders"
recorded tthree tracks in 1964: (1) Irritation, (2) More of More, (3)
Pismo Beach Longboard.  In 1965 "the de-Fenders would be
singed by a Los Angeles record label (Diplomacy Records)
and their name would be changed to "The Brymers."


Band Members L to R: Bob Virden (bass guitar/vocals); Mike Wagner (guitar/vocals); Dick Lee (drums); Ken Valentine (guitar/vocals);

and Bobby Cox (keyboards/vocals).

Band members L to R: Bobby Cox, (keyboards/vocals); Mike Wagner (guitar/vocals); Ken Valentine (guitar/sax/vocals); Robert Virden
(bass guitar/vocvals); and Dick Lee (drums).
This photo of "The de-Fenders was taken in 1964.  Band Members
 L to R: (back row) MIke Wagner (guitar/vocals); Robert Virden
(bass guitar/vocals) and Ken Valentine (guitar/sax/vocals). 
 Bottom Row -  L to R: Dick Lee (drums) and Bobby Cox
 (keyboards/vocals).  The de-Fenders later morphed into
The Brymers.
"Pismo Beach Longboard"
Listen to the de-Fenders perform an original surf song called "Pismo
Beach Longboard.
 "More of More"
Listen to the de-Fenders perform a surf song they recorded in 1963. 
 It is called "More of More" and the group's first recording.
Listen to The Brymers perform one of their early original surf
recordings called "Irritation."  The track was recorded in Fresno, CA
(1964) and written by Ken Valentine (guitar/sax/vocals) and
Mike Wagner (guitar/vocals).
The de-Fenders
The de-Fenders taking a break after performing at a local night clud.  Band Members L to R: Mike Wagner (guitar/vocals); Dick Lee (drums); Robert Virden (bass guitar/ vocals); Keith Branson (keyboards/vocals); and
Ken Valentine (guitar/sax/vocals).
 The de-Fenders
The de-Fenders are seen performing at The Lemoore Civic Auditorium.  Band Members L to R: Ken Valentine (guitar/sax/vocals); Go Go Dancer (name not known); Dick Lee 9drums); and Robert Virden (bass guitar/vocals).
 The de-Fenders
The de-Fenders are doing a show with "Cannibal and the
Headhunters" at the Tulare Memorial Auditorium.
 *(See the "Home Page" of this site for additional photos of
"The de-Fenders" and to
hear their early surf recordings)
The Hal Diamond Trio
Hanford, CA
 "The Hal Diamond Trio" was a top professional act from Hanford, California.  The group played a variety of songs and performed through-out the central valley area.  The Hal Diamond Trio recorded many songs
in Hal's personal studio.  Hal Diamond played guitar, his wife played bass and sang, while their son Danny  Hull played Sax.  Danny Hull later
went on to perform with "Cold Blood.."
"Cold Blood"
Danny Hull (sax) is in the top row -  third from the left.
The Avengers
Bakersfield, CA



The Avergers were a great rock-n-roll group that hailed from

Bakersfield. They opened for many of the name acts of the time.

The group recorded five singles: (1) Be a Cave Man; (2) Open

Your Eyes; (3) Get Primitive; (4) I Told You So; and (5) It's Hard to

Hide.  Members: Kenny Zigoures - Bass Guitar; Henry Gonzales -

Guitar; Gary Bernard - Drums; Greg Likens - Lead Guitar;

 Jim Robesky - Sax and Organ; and Gerry Blake - Guitar.

The group originally formed as a six member surf band and
were later influenced by the British Invasion.

The original band members were Henry Gonzales (rhythm

guitar-vocals); Kenny Zigoures (bass guitar); Jim Robesky

(sax and Farfisa organ); and Gerry Blake (rhythm guitar and

vocals). The Avengers recorded five 45 rpm records between

1964 and 1967. "Be a Caveman" is one of my favorites and has

been on numerous garage compilations. The Avengers dis-

banded in 1967 and Gerry Blake joined a group called "The

United Sons of America."


Discography of The Avengers:


1. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore / When It's Over (F-G 104) 1965
2. Be A Caveman / Broken Hearts Ahead (Starburst 125) 1965
3. Shipwrecked / I Told You So (Starburst 128) 3/1966
4. It's Hard To Hide / Open Your Eyes (Current 109) 6/1966
5. Strange Faces / Softly As I Leave You (American 101) 1967


Discography of The Avengers:

1. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore / When It's Over (F-G 104) 1965
2. Be A Caveman / Broken Hearts Ahead (Starburst 125) 1965
3. Shipwrecked / I Told You So (Starburst 128) 3/1966
4. It's Hard To Hide / Open Your Eyes (Current 109) 6/1966
5. Strange Faces / Softly As I Leave You (American 101) 1967


"United Sons of America"

Bakersfield, CA




The "United Sons of America" were a five piece band which hailed from

Bakersfield, California. The group released one album in 1970 titled

"Greetings from the U.S. of A." (Mercury). The "U.S. of A." band

members consisted of Gerry Blake (vocals/keyboards); Jerry Richey

 (bass guitar); Steve Woods (Vocals/Percussion); Mike Huestis

(drums); and Richard Freeman (vocals/guitar). Mike Huestis

 (drums) was a member of many other Bakersfield bands such as "The Centaurs," "Soul Research Foundation," and "Flight." The

"United Sons of America" were a great rock band as evidenced

by many of the cuts on their only release ("Welcome to the U.S. of A.").

My favorite track off the album is "Children of the Midst."

An original song ("Friends Come and Gone") is also a killer track. I recommend going to You Tube and giving it a listen. Many

thanks to Michael S. Huestis (son of Mike Huestis) for contacting

 me and providing this information.

"Children of the Midst"

Jim Kay and The Vibradors

Kingsburg, California


Who in the Kingsburg, Fresno, Hanford, Lemoore area has not heard

 of Jim Kay's great guitar skills?


Jimmy Kay - 2010
Kingsburg, CA
Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings
Delano, California
Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings hailed from Delano, California.  They
were a great five piece group that introduced the central valley to a
blend of rock-n-roll and latin sounds.
Listen Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings play a song recorded in
1963 called "Pachuco Soul."
Listen Al Garcia and the Rhythm play a song recorded in
1963 called "Blue Soul."



Al Garcia and The Rhythm Kings

(with The Coasters)

Delano, California


Visit "Sundazed Records" for a CD of the group's 1960's hits.
The Brymers
Lemoore, CA 
The Brymers (a.k.a.The de-Fenders) were named by Diplomacy Records
in early 1965.  The group performed through-out the country and recorded
over 28 tracks during the mid to late 1960's.  They developed their original sound in 1966 when the band recorded two original songs written by Kenny Sinner (keyboards/sax/vocals/guitar).  The "A" side of their 45 r.p.m. was called "I Want To Tell You."  While on a break during tjhe session, Kenny Sinner composed a hard driving fuzz guitar track for the "B" side.  The song was called "Sacrifice" and it has become a collector's item and featured on numerous compilations and in feature films. 
Bamd Members L to R:  Jim Mellick (guitar/harp/vocals); Kenny Valentine
(keyboards/sax/guitar/vocals); and Robert Virden (bass guitar/vocals). Back Row  is  Dick Lee (drums).
The Brymers
Members L to R: Robert Virden (bass guitar/vocals); Dick Lee (drums);
Jim Mellick (guitar/harp/vocals); and Kenny Valentine
Listen to the Brymers perform their hit of "Sacrifice. 
 The Brymers
The "Sacrifice" CD contains 24 tracks that the group recorded
during the 1960's.  Band Members L to R:  Jim mellick (lead guitar/harp/vocals); Dick Lee (drums/vocals); Kenny Sinner (keyboards/sax/guitar/vocals); and Bill Brumley
(bass guitar/vocals).
*  See the "CD's and Posters" tab on this site for other Brymers
"The Brymers: Garage Rock Nuggets from the 1960's"
Listen to The Brymers perform three of their favorite fast "Garage Rock Nuggests from the 1960's."   Band Members L to R: Kenny Sinner (keyboards,sax, guitar, vocals); Bill Brumley (bass guitar/vocals); Dick Lee (drums/vocals); and Jim Mellick (lead guitar/harp/vocals).
"Do You Think You Love Me"
The Brymers perform an original song written by Dick
Lee and Jim Mellick.
Merrell Fankhauser Interviews Dick Lee about The
Brymers and Fapardokly.  Both musicians were
members of the infamous "Fapardokly" group in 1967.
"Summer of Love"
Listen to The Brymers perform another original song called "The
Summer of Love."  The song was written by Dick Lee and Jim
Mellick and can be found The Brymers CD release called
"Where Are They Now"
"I Want To Tell You"
Listen to The Brymers perform another original song called "I Want
To Tell You."  The group recorded the song in 1966 at Harmony
Studios in Los Angeles.  Kenny Sinner is singing lead and wrote the track.
"Fit Me In" 
Listen to The Brymers perform a track written and sung by Jim
Mellick (lead guitar/harp/vocals).  "Fit Me In" can be found on
The Brymers "40 Year Brotherhood" CD.
"Down In New Orleans - Land of 100 Dances - Money"
Listen to The Brymers perform a three song medley of  great
garage rock nuggets from the 1960's.   The track can be found on
The Brymers "40 Year Brotherhood" CD.
"Tell It Like It Is - If It Don't Work Out - If You Ever change Your Mind"
Listen to The Brymers perform a three song medley of great
garage rock nuggets from the 1960's. The track can be found on
The Brymers "40 Year Brotherhood" CD.
The Brymers In Concert
The Brymers
Band Members L to R: Kenny Sinner (keyboards/sax/guitar/vocals);
Dick Lee (drums/vocals); Robert Virden (bass guitar/vocals); and Jim
Mellick (lead guitar/harp/vocals).
Loyd Puckett and the Armona Nutcrackers
Armona, CA
Loyd Puckett and the Armona Nutcrackers were a
five piece rock-latin band that played "Mexican-Surf"
music through-out the valley.  Lead singer "Loyd Puckett"
is seen with his guitar.
The Implicits
Visalia, CA
Tom Johnston later became a guitar player and singer with The Doobie Brothers.


Above is a scanned photo from a Visalia newspaper of The Implicits (circa - late 1960's). The band members are L to R Front Row: Tom Johnston (lead guitar); Beverly Chavez (vocals); and Jack Love (bass). L to R Back Row: Jerry Hull (rhythm guitar); Bob Daugherty (vocals and organ); and

Ken Henard (drums). Many thanks to Jerry Hull for providing this photo.

The Rivington Quintet,

Visalia, CA







(formerly The Implicits)

The Rivington Quintet
(Formerly The Implicits)
Visalia, CA
The Rivington quintet performed through-out the central
valley area.  Band Members L to R: Greg Fleming (keyboards/vocals);
Greg Campbell (lead guitar/vocals); Jack Love (bass guitar/vocals); Tom Johnson (guitar/vocals); and ken Henard 9drums).
*Note that Tom Johsnon later moved to the San Jose area
and helped form "The Doobie Brothers."
Tom Johnson joins Ray Baradat (The Charades Band)
after a recent Doobie Brothers concert.  Tom Johnson is
third from left and Ray Baradat is fourth from left.
Many thanks to Ray Baradat for this photo.
 The Chocolate Tunnel
Bakersfield, CA
 The Chocolate Tunnel was another great rock group and was formed in Glendale, California.    The members included: Mark Hines (drums), Ken Johnson (guitar/vocals), Bob Hobbs (guitar/vocals/group leader), and Jerry Ritchie (bass guitar).  The band was originally called "The Syndromes" and three of the members were from the Bakersfield area.
 The group recorded one 45 r.p.m. on the "ERA" label. The songs were titled:  (1) "Highly Successful Young Rupert White" and "The Ostrich People."   Both songs were written by Kenny Johnson and Jerry Ritchie. Bob Hopps is credited for 'Rupert White' only. Both songs were arranged by Gary Paxton and produced by his company "Bakersfield International Productions."

According to Mark Hines (drummer), Gary Paxton was a great A & R man and audio engineer from the Hollywood area.  Gary's recording studio was his garage, from which cables ran to a silver Airstream, in which he had his 8-track.  Continuing, Mark Hines mentioned that the unusual sound at the end of "The Ostrich People" was created by blowing on wind chimes and then playing the tape backwards.  Jim Troxel (who played on Association hits "Along Comes Mary" and "Cherish" played the drums on "Rupert White."  The Chocolate Tunnel was greatly influenced by the San Francisco psychedelic rock scene.  The group was a working band and performed in night clubs up and down California from El Centro to Monterey.  The Chocolate Tunnel played original songs as-well as the hits of the day.    Many thanks to Mark Hines (drummer) of The Chocolate Tunnel for providing this information.



 "The Ostrich People"

The Brogues
Merced, CA
The Brogues were formed in late 1964 (Merced) and disbanded after nine months.  The group's  recorded output during that time period was: "Someday," "I Ain't No Miracle Worker," "Don't Shoot Me Down,"  "Journey,"  and "But Now I Find."   The Brogues were signed by "Hush Records."  "Someday" was a regional hit around the central valley. The song was doing well on the charts, but unfortunately two of the band members received draft notices and had to leave the group. Two of The Brogues members (Greg Elmore and Gary Grubb) stayed in the San Francisco area and formed a band called "Quicksilver Messenger Service."
Original Band Members were:  Rick Campbell (organ/vocals); Greg Elmore (drums); Eddie Rodrigues (guitar); Bill Whittington (bass guitar); and Gary Grubb (vocals).
 "Don't Shoot Me Down"
The Brogues
 The Cindermen
Fresno, Ca
 -1965 through 1967-

Another great rock group from the Fresno area was called The Cindermen.

They were one of the top local rock bands from the Fresno area during

the mid 1960's. The group played through-out the San Joaquin Valley area

and later signed with a record label in Los Angeles. Band members included Jim Kelly (lead guitar), Sam Sinopoli (drums), Fred Perry (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Don Waley (keyboards), Bill Brant (bass guitar), and Steve (last name not known) (sax). One of their recordings, "Don't Do It Some More"

was well know through-out the valley. Many thanks to Bill Bixley

for providing the photos.




1.  Think of Me

2.  I'm Happy

3. If I Can't Love You

4. On Forever

5. Don't Do It Some More

6.  True Love

7. Don't Knock It

8.  I Can't Believe It

9.  I Can't See You

10.  Stay Away

11.  Miss Connie You're a User

12.  You've Lost that Lovin Feelin









Released 1966.




"Don't Do It Some More"



Listen to The Cindermen perform "Don't Do It Some More."





The New Life


Fresno, Ca






"The New Life" was a great rock group based out of Fresno (1968).  The members from bottom of stairs were:


Don Whaley (former Cindermen) who played bass and sang lead 

on Hale Se; Steve Wood who played keyboards, guitar and vocals

 (he replaced Duane Scott, the original keyboard player, 

who was from Fresno); Sam Sinopoli (former Cindermen), 

Alan Shapazian (former Raiks Progress) rhythm guitar and 

vocals; Phil Reed (from Fresno), lead guitar.















Many thanks to Sam Sinopoli (drummer) for providing these photos and

information about "The New Life."  Note, that Sam Sinopoli later joined

a Los Angeles band called "Cottonmouth."









George Swanson

Fresno D.J.

"KYNO" - Fresno






George Swanson

Fresno D.J.


"KYNO" - Fresno








Tulare, CA








Tulare, CA












The Young Rascals
Tulare Memorial Auditorium

Selland Arena, Fresno, CA
 The de-Fenders
Lemoore Civic Auditorium

The Rainbow Ballroom was another great concert hall for rock

 bands from the 60's. Who can ever forget the outragous, infamous "Wolfman Jack."




Ray Camacho and the Teardrops
Fresno, CA
Ray Camacho and the Teardrops hailed from Fresno and
fused latin with rock-n-roll.  Visit "Sundazed Records" for
their CD's.
The Surf Teens
Atascadero, Ca
The Surf Teens were a group that played through-out the San Joaquin Valley, The Rose Garden in Pismo Beach, and for Melco dances.   The group hailed from Atascadero and had four members (Greg Smith, guitar; Jeff Hammond, guitar; Tony Johnson, bass; and John Hammond, drums). The Surf Teens recorded an album of covers in the early 1960's. An interesting note is that the album was produced by Norman Knowles of The Revels (San Luis Obispo).

The Nomads

Hanford, CA




Band Members L to R (back row): Max Lupercio and  Rick Rosalez. L to R (bottom row):  Raymond Funtes and Melvin Brooks.

Another very cool group from The Hanford area was named

"The Nomads." The Nomads performed for many Melco Dances and local "Battle of the Bands.  Max Lupercio later went on to play bass with Jim Mellick's group The Emeralds.  According to Rick Rosalez, the original members still reside in the Hanford and Porterville areas. Many thanks to Rick Rosales and Delia Weiss for the photo.

The Ebonknights
Madera, CA

The Ebonknights were a tremondous rock group which hailed

from Madera, California and played through-out The San Joaquin

Valley for special events and after game dances.  The group

won a huge "Battle of the Bands" presented by local radio

station "KMAK" (1967). First place went to "The Vells, second

place went to "The Ebonknights, and third place went to "The Roadrunners." In addition, The Ebonknights performed

regularly at a Fresno teen rock club called The Crimson Castle.

Later on, the group re-named themselves to "Lively Affair"

and toured Viet Nam with USO shows. The band

members were: Tommy Simonian (lead guitar/sax); Charlie Magarian

(bass guitar); Myron Gomes, (drums); and Rod Hallum (guitar).



"The Saturday Knights"
Visalia, CA
 The Saturday Nights

Visalia, CA


The Saturday Nights were another great valley group. The photo

above is of the group playing for the grand opening of the

new Visalia Fair Shopping Center (circa - June, 1965). The

Saturday Nights performed through-out the valley area from

Fresno to Bakersfield including The Rose Garden at Pismo Beach.

The group also recorded in Fresno and JanEl Records in

San Jose. Many thanks to Kenn Christie from San Jose for

providing this picture.  Members L to R: Beverly Chavez -

Visalia (vocalist); Louie Quezada - Exeter (guitar); Kenn

Christie - Visalia (guitarist-bassist); Jesse McCuin - Visalia

(bass-guitar-vocals); Johnny Mccuin - Visalia (drummer-vocals); and blocked behind the female singer is Lester Bock

- Visalia - (keyboards - vocalist).

Hayward Lee and The Blue Notes
Hayward Lee and The Blue Notes (1965)
are pictured above in a promo photo while
performing in Los Angeles, Ca.  The group
later morphed into Hayward Lee and The
Hayward Lee and the Marauders
Fresno, CA

Hayward Lee and the Marauders

Fresno, CA - 1968

Top L to R: Francisco Serrano (guitar and vocals)and Jose Serrano

(bass and vocals).  Bottom L to R: Ramon "Bozo II" Ochoa (drums);

Hayward Lee (leader, sax, and vocals); and Manuel (Meno) Orozco

(organ, vocals, and trumpet).

 Many thanks to Melissa O. Simon, daughter of Manuel Orozco,

 for providing this photo and to Jose Molina Serrano (bass and vocals)

for providing additional information about the photo.


Hayward Lee and the Marauders

Fresno, CA - 1968


Hayward Lee and The Marauders performed through-out

the San Joaquin Valley area. The group had a great soul

sound and a lot of energy that made you want to dance until

the wee hours of the morning.

MEMBERS: (L. to R.): Tom Brown (Drums); Bobby Ray Brannon,

(Bass Guitar); Hayward Lee (Vocals and Leader); Carlos Munoz (Keyboards); and Carlos Luevano (Lead Guitar). Many thanks

to Carlos Munoz for providing me with this photo.


Hayward Lee and the Marauders

Fresno, CA

Band Members L to R: MEMBERS (L. to R.): Manual Orozco;
Andy Sanchez; Hayward Lee; Don Kendricks; (name of band
member on far right not known).  This photo was taken in Fresno
in the mid 1960's. Many thanks to Melissa Simon (daughter of Manual Orozco) for providing this photo.

Manuel Orozco - Keyboards

Manual Orozco was a member of Hayward Lee and the Marauders.

 Many thanks to Melissa Simon (daughter of Manuel Orozco)

for providing this photo and information about her "Uncle Hayward."

Band Members:  Jose Molina (Bass-Vocals), Francisco Arturo Serrano
Young (Guitar-Vocals),Ramon "Bozzo 2" Ochoa (Drums-Vocals),
 Manual "Meno" Orozco (Organ-Vocals), and Hayward Lee
Listen to the latin flavor of an original song by Haward Lee
and the Marauders.
 "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie"
Listen to another original track by Hward Lee and The Marauders.
Raik's Progress
Fresno, CA
Another great group from the Fresno area was called Raik's Progress.
Led by front man Steve Krikorian the group recorded some cool
tracks such as "Sewer Rat Love Chat" and "Why Did You Rob Us" (1966).

The group was signed by Liberty Records through a connection with Ross Bagdasarian (aka David Seville). Although they did some gigs

in Hollywood and played in the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco in 1966, they disbanded in early 1967. 

"Sewer Rat Love"
 Listen to Riak's Progress perform one of their original songs
called "Sewer Rat Love."

Tabs and Hilliard Streets

Fresno, CA

 - 1959 -



Tabs and Hilliard Streets were another great R. and B. group from

 Fresno.  The group performed throughout the central valley area. 

 Photo provided by Melissa O. Simon.




R.D. and The Showmen
Visalia, CA


R. D.  (Robert "Bob" Dennison) and The Showmen were a great rock

group that hailed from Visalia and played through-out The San

Joaquin Valley. One of the members,  Greg Campbell, was a veteran

of three Visalia rock groups in the '60s: The Sensations, Rivington

Quintet and The Tweeds. Although Campbell's  bands did not record,

and were not together for very long,  One of them did feature the

talents of Tom Johnston, whom of course found later fame

with The Doobie Brothers.




"Lil Ray"
Delano, CA

Lil Ray hailed from Delano, Ca and was a 13 year old singer with "The

Rhythm Kings" from 1960 through 1963. Lil Ray moved to the L.A. area

in 1964 and recorded numerous songs on different labels. He was the first

lead singer for "The Midniters" (from Los Angeles) before "Little Willie G" took the lead spot. An excellent bio of Little Ray's career can be found at the

 following site:

Once again, a special thanks to Ray Baradat (The Charades Band)

for his photo contribution.

Recorded by: Lil Ray
Recorded by: Lil Ray


"Leave Me Alone"
Recorded by: Lil Ray
 The Ravens

Fresno, CA

- 1967 -

The Ravens were an excellent garage band out of Fresno. The

group was formed in late 1964 and its members attending Fresno

 High School. The Ravens performed locally at school dances,

pizza parlors, and casuals. The group started as five guitar

players in in Junior High School and morphed into a garage band

with a drummer and bass guitar player. The lead singer

was Kent Hopper and Sam Williams played guitar. In early 1968,

The Ravens later changed their name to "Papa J's Hash Band."

Many thanks to Sam Williams for providing this information.

 Johnny McAtee and His Sons of the San Joaquin

Bakersfield, CA

Based out of Bakersfield many of these country -western performers

would appear on "Cousin Herb Hensen's Trading Post." The popular

T.V. show featured locals such as Buck Owens, Merrel Haggard, Bill

Woods, Fuzzy Owens, Bonnie Owens, and Porter Wagoner.

The show and the city helped developed a unique style of music

called "The Bakersfield Sound." Frequently, we ( The Brymers) would stop in Bakersfield (during the 60's) to visit "The Blackboard" and

hear these great musicians perform. Kenny Sinner (keyboard player

for The Brymers) often appeared on "Cousin Herb Hensen's

Show" (as a child) with his mother and father's country band.

Many of these legends were playing nightly gigs at the infamous

"Blackboard" and were in the process of developing "The

Bakersfield Sound." They had a tremondous influence on all of us

in the rock-n-roll field. Many thanks to Ms. Sarah Woodman, Public

Program Manager of the Kern County Museum, 3801 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, CA for providing these photos.




The Invaders

Lemoore, Ca

1964 - 1965









The Invaders

(1964 - 1965)

Lemoore, Ca

"The Invaders" were a cool surf band comprised of Navy

kids living at Lemoore Naval Air Station. The group played

locally around the Lemoore and Hanford area. "The Invaders"

composed an original surf tune titled "Red T-Bird." In late 1965

two of the band member's fathers were transferred and Dave

Geffken ( Drummer) joined a local group called "The Sullies."

Band Members (L to R): Russ Harris (Guitar); Dave Geffken 

 (Drums); and Jay Taylor (Guitar).

Many thanks to Dave Geffken and Dennis Gallegos for providing

photos and information.




Rockchester Bang

Kingsburg, CA

(1967 - 1970)







Rockchester Bang" hailed from the Kingsburg area and

played through-out the San Joaquin Valley.

The members (L to R) were: Paul Lopez (Lead Vocals);

Dana White (Rhythm Guitar); Chuck Weaver (Congas

and Vocals); Ritchie Ruiz (Drummer); Lyle Martin (Bass Guitar);

Warren Beath (Organ); and Joey Ramirez (Lead Guitar). The

photo was taken at the Dinuba Memorial Building during the

late 1960's.

"RockChester Bang" later morphed into "Sweet Savage" after two

members left the group. "Sweet Savage's" new members were:

Jerry Margosian (Bass Guitar) and Jeff Lehman (Organ).Later on

the group added a brass section and lead singer/harmonica player

(Larry Lopez). "Sweet Savage" played locally and

specialized in music by Santana, Led Zepplin, Spirit,

Three Dog Night, The Beatles, and Chicago.

* Many thanks to Dana White (Rhythm Guitar) and Lennis

Scheline for providing the photo and information





Fresno, CA






One of the founding members of "Leviathan" was

Jeff Christensen (drums - formally of The Deltas).





The other founding member of "Leviathan" was

Denver Cross (lead guitar - formally of The Roadrunners).


Fresno, CA

"Leviathan" was formed during the fall of "1969." Its members

consisted of Denver Cross (lead guitar - formally of The Roadrunners);

Jeff Christensen (drums - formally of Jim Waller and the Deltas); Chuck Yrulegul (bass guitar); and Jack Baker (organ). The group performed through-out the San Joaquin Valley (Atwater, Merced, and Fresno).

"Leviathan" performed in many of the hot clubs in the area such as

"The Whatever," The Maxatorium," The Apartments," "The Casual," and

"The Guys and Dolls." In late 1970 the group disbanded. Unfortunately,

there is no photo of "Leviathan." The only evidence that the group existed is a live recording (10 songs) that was recorded in Merced at "The Maxatorium" night club. Many thanks to Jeff Christensen

(percussionist) for providing this information and the 10 tracks.











"Business Cards for Some of the 1960's

Valley Bands"

























Crimson Castle

Fresno, California


One of the great teen night clubs in the San Joaquin Valley was lcoated

in Fresno and ran by Jim Kay of Kingsburg. Jim's group, The Jesters, frequently performed at the Crimson Castle, Fresno, Califonria.

* Photo courtesy of Lennis Scheline, Kingsburg, CA








































































The concert was video taped and Mel Simas' son (Rod Simas)

introduced The Brymers in October, 2007.

L. to R.: Kenny Sinner, Jim Mellick, Dick Lee, and Bill Brumley.

Photo taken in front of The Hanford Civic Auditorium in late














An Interview With The Brymers
Jim Mellick and Dick Lee are interviewed by Conrad Jimenez
and talk about the recording session of "Sacrifice" (1966).










How Did The Brymers Get Their Name?
Jim Mellick and Dick Lee are interviewed by Conrad Jimenez
and talk how The Brymers were named.
"The Exterminators"
Fresno, CA
Band Members L to R: Don Helms (vocals, guitar); Danny O'Neal
(vocals, guitar, keyboards); Terry Kaufman (vocals, bass
guitar); and Bill McDonnell (vocals, guitar).  Tim Salt
(drummer) is not shown.  
"The Exterminators" were another great rock group from
Fresno.  The group was formed in 1963 by Danny O'Neal.
All members of "The Exterminators" were in the 7th grade
(except Tim Salt - 9th grade) and attended Yosemite Junior High School in Fresno.  The group played the hits of the day and went on
to record a single ("Secret Agent Man").   "The Exterminators"
played through-out the Fresno area at many school functions. 
Danny O'Neal went on to perform with many other groups and
opened for acts such as Paul Revere and The Raiders,
Jim Doval, and the Standels.  Danny O'Neal currently resides in
Oregon and is performing with a classic rock group called
"Second Wind."
"Canterbury Fair"
Fresno, CA

"ACID" from Canterbury Fair recorded in 1969 remastered 2010.



"Canterbury Fair" was a great rock group out

of Fresno (1967-1969).  The Band performed through-out
the valley and at Fresno's Marigold Ballroom and other hot teen
night spots.   By skillfully employing a keyboard arsenal and
monstrous fuzz-adelic bass, John and Philip Hollingsworth
and a couple of pals created epic tapestries of mind-bending
sound that were too large for their hometown of Fresno, California. Before long, Canterbury Fair was unfurling its wide-screen soundscapes before the wide-eyed patrons of San Francisco's legendary ballrooms. This collection includes the A-side of the ultra-rare single, "Song On A May Morning" as well as the group's astounding never-before-heard full-length album.  This album is
available for digital downloads at "Sundazed Records."

1. Talk Song
2. Song On a May Morning
3. Acid
4. Bad for Anyone
5. Russian Opera
6. Long Brown Hair
7. Winds of the Sky
8. A Spanish Serenade
9. Sally Rover
"Song On a May Morning" 
Canterbury Fair
Released 1967
Re-released: Sundazed Records
Fillmore Auditorium 
San Francisco, California
October 31, 1969
Crimson Castle
Fresno, California
September 12, 1968
"The Mixture"
Hanford, CA
- 1966 -
Band Members L to R: Vickie Luick (drums, songwriter);
Denis Garcia (lead guitar, backup vocals); Sue Weisenhaus
(keyboards, songwriter); and John Grant (bass, lead vocals).
"The Mixture" was a four piece combo featuring two
female members (Vickie Luick and Sue Weisenhaus).  The
band was based out of Hanford, CA and performed at many
local events including a MELCO Dance in 1966.  The Mixture
is pictured above playing at a two day "Battle of the Bands"
in 1966.  Acording to Vickie Luick, The Mixture won the
Battle of the Bands over another another local
band which featured Steve Perry (who later became 
lead singer for Journey).  Many thanks to Vickie Luick for
providing the photo and information about "The Mixture."
When interviewing Vickie, she mentioned the following:
"Lights was our most requested song.  I must say that was the coolest
part of being in this band.  Writing our own songs and making the music to the words.  My step Father lived across the street from Mel Simas.  So we got free auditions when we practiced there.  One day Mel came over and said alright, alright Vickie,  you got a gig...   I will never forget that day." 
"The Commons"
Tranquility, CA
- 1965 -
"The Commons" were a great rock group based out of Tranquility and Kerman, California.  The band performed all over the San Joaquin Valley and played the hits of the day.  "The Commons" won a battle of the bands at the Fresno Fairgrounds and opened for "the 13th Floor Elevators" at the fairgrounds.  The band members were: Jimmy Marchini (lead singer), David Rico (lead guitar), Rick Miller (keyboards), John Upton (bass guitar), and Mike Carvalho (drums).
"The Commons" during a rehearsal in "1965."
"John Covert and The Crystal Image"
Lodi, California
- 1968 -
John Covert formed "The Crystal Image" in 1968 in Lodi, California.
The group performed locally at hot teen spots such as "Playboy Pizza," "Tokay Bowl," and "Shadey Acres" (Ripon, California).  The group was later booked at higher end concerts and shows by Otto Kundert (AOK Agency, Lodi, California).  John Covert also opened for top named acts such as Gary U.S. Bonds, Simon and Garfunkel, Chad and Jeremy, Jimmy Clanton.  In addition, John Covert performed with hot bands of the day such as "The Daybreakers," "The Tempos," "The Standels," "The Pendletons," and "Jim Burgett."
"John Covert and The Crystal Image" released a 45 rpm single in 1969 titled "Can You Feel It" which received a lot of air play in Northern California. The group's first commercially released album was marketed circa 1972 at live Crystal Image shows. 
"Can You Feel It"
(released 1969)
The White Album (released circa 1972)
(photo is on back of album)
Band Members L to R:  Buddy Balbi (drums); Joe Gentile (bass, vocals); John Covert (kneeling)(guitar and lead vocals); and Dusty Rhoades (vocals).  "John Covert and Crystal Image" released two additional albums ("Rock-n-Roll II" and "Sure Feeling Loose") in the early 70's. 
The group released a great sounding folk rock single in the late 60's ("Time") which has grown into a collector's item among garage rock aficionados. 
"Time" received a publishing contract in 1968 from A & M Records.  "Red Lounge Records" then purchased the over seas rights to the first and second Crystal image 1970's albums for release on CD in Europe.
L to R: John Covert, Kathy (McNally) Cadman, and Peggy Pullman preparing for an up coming recording session of "Time" (late 1960's). 
John Covert and Crystal Image performs between 150 and 200 shows a year through-out California and Nevada.
Visit: for more information about the group's recordings and concerts.
"Rampage" was a concert/film by Anthony Music Corporation
and KYNO with some great valley bands as well as nationally
known groups.  The concert (and filming) was scheduled for
 May 18, 1962, but never occurred. Many thanks to Ray Baradat
for this cool piece of valley rock-n-roll history.  Note, that
Ray Baradat's group (The Latin Knights would later morph into
The Charades).
"The Gathering Sounds"
Exeter, CA


Exeter Memorial Building - 1968

Band Members L to R:  Reggie Loyd (Hammond B3), Steve Wilson (bass), Sam Epperson (drums), Rick Lane (guitar), and Tom Riley (rhythm guitar). 

"The Gathering Sounds" were a five piece rock group based out of Exeter, California.   The band performed through-out the valley area at MELCO dances and performed the hits of the day.  "The Gathering Sounds" were known for their driving lead guitar  and Hammond B3 sounds.  The group opened for acts such as Tommy James and the Shondels and the Grass Roots at the Mineral King Bowl in the late 60's.      


Many thanks to Ray Baradat (The Charades) for sharing

this poster.

Many thanks to Ray Baradat (The Charades) for sharing 

this poster.



"The Renegades"
Fresno, CA

Band Members L to R:  Eldon Simms (Rhythm Guitar); Dennis Brown
 (Drums); Tom McGraw (Bass);  Bob Brannon (lead Guitar); Denny Price
 (Piano) Don Krimm (Sax).

"The Renegades" were another great rock group which hailed 
from the Fresno area.  The band played the hits of the day and 
performed up and down the San Joaquin Valley.  The band 
performed for over six years at The Portuguese Hall (Fresno) at North
and Orange.  The dance was called "Bob's Big Rock."  The group
won a battle of the bands at the Fresno Memorial Hall which included
a recording contract.  The Renegades also played at "The Falls" at Bass Lake
and numerous high school dances.

Many thanks to Denny Price (keyboards) for sharing his photos and 
history of The Renegades.

Band Members:  Bob Brannon (lead guitar); Denny Price (rhythm guitar); 
Carl Brown (piano); Dennis Brown (drums); Don Krimm (Sax); Tom McGraw
 (bass - missing from photo); Eldon Simms (guitar).

Pictured above is Denny Price and his new 
Wurlitzer electronic piano.

NOTE:  If anyone has any additional information (i.e. photos,
recordings, etc.) of The Renegades -please contact me on this site.

"The Rockets Band"
Bakersfield, CA
The Rockets Band was another great band out of the Bakersfield area.
The group featured Kenny Johnson who would later go on to perform with The Avengers and many other groups.  The Rockets Band played the hits of the day and performed through-out the South San Joaquin Valley area.  The group's only release was "Countdown" featuring Kenny Johnson.
The "Marvelous" Vels 
Fresno, CA
Band Members L to R (top row):  Iggy Perez (bass); Mark Manroe
(guitar): Mike Morrison (drums); and Ed Burke (keyboards).
L to R (bottom row): Ray Baradat (vocal-guitar); Syl (vocals); and
Johnny Johnson.
 "The Marvelous Vels"  were a tremendous all black soul group
from Fresno.  The "Vels" played through-out the San Joaquin
Valley and performed the hits of the day.  The group performed
in the late 50's and early 60's in various clubs in the Fresno area.  In the
early 60's the "Vels"  appeared with The Charades  Band in a talent
contest at the Kearney Bowl Ballroom in Fresno.   The winner received
 a recording contract with "Swigin" records.  Ed Burke (the "Vels"
 keyboard player) later joined The Charades band in the 70's.  Ed still
 performs in the Fresno area as a single.
A special thanks to Ray Baradat (The Charades Band) for "The
Marvelous Vels" information.
The Anonymous Five
Corcoran, CA
The Anonymous Five was a five piece rock group based out of Corcoran,
California.  The band members consisted of Loyd Vandergriff (lead vocals),
David Delfino (lead guitar), Randy Mullins (drums), Robert Hook (FarfisaKeyboard),
and Ron Baker (bass).  The Anonymous Five played the hits of the day
and performed at many of the MELCO dances and other venues through-out
 the central San Joaquin Valley.  The group recorded a single at Hal & Ron
 Studios in Hanford, California (1967).  "Baby It's You" was side one and
"Just a Little" was the "B" side.  According to Loyd, The Anonymous Five
 recorded additional tracks at the Hal & Ron Sudios in 1968, but the tapes were
lost.  In 1968 The Anonymous Five morphed into Trans Love Airway.  In 1969
 Trans Love Airway morphed into Black Earth.  Black Earth disbanded in
 1969.  Many thanks to Loyd Vandergriff for sharing this information and
 photos of The Anonymous Five.
Loyd Vandergriff continues to record and perform.  To date he has
released five CD's.
Radio "KAFY" Battle of the Bands Poster
Bakersfield, CA
April 17, 1965
 What a cool poster advertising a "Battle of the Bands" in Bakersfield
and sponsored by radio "KAFY."  Note, that the photos at the top of
the poster are of the top D.J.'s at "KAFY.  Mike Lundy (Program
Director and Manager of The Donnybrooks) is pictured far right.
Below, is a business of card of a great garage band
from Bakersfield called
"The Sticks and Stones."
Many thanks to Steve Lynd for providing for KAFY Battle
of the Bands poster and business card.
"The Forth ONCOME"
Hanford, CA
Band Members L. to R.: John Benton (guitar-vocals), Tom Rosa (vocals-Bass), George Taylor (lead vocals), Victor "Butch" Acevedo Jr. (vocals-drums), and Gary Acevedo (vocals-keyboards).
"The Forth OnCome" was a great garage rock band based out of Hanford, CA in the late 1960's.  The group played the hits of the day and performed through-out the San Joaquin Valley area.  The Forth OnCome also opened for national acts such as "The Grassroots" and performed frequently at "MELCO" dances.
Many thanks to John Benton (vocals-guitar) for sharing information and the photo.
The Quinn-Teens
Bakersfield, CA 
- 1963 -
The Quinn-Teens were a sister vocal duo based out of
Bakersfield, CA in the early 1960's.  Della Quinn (15 years old)
and her sister Dorthy Quinn (13 years old) comprised the group. 
 The Quinn-Teens recorded their first record in 1963
("I Hurt So" and "Dickie") for Pike Records
out of Bakersfield. 
JUNE, 1966

"Fuzz, Acid, and Flowers Revisited

Expanded Edition"


Vernon Joynson

If you are a 60's rock fan then Vernon Joynson's

latest book is a must read. The release has 1,398

pages of 1960's rock band information. Almost all

of the San Joaquin Valley bands pictured on this site

are mention with photos and bios.


Floyd Gains

Fresno, CA


Performed with The Deltas and The Revels.


The Early Emeralds

Hanford, California




L. to R.: Morris Tully (vocals), Bill Stocking, drummer; Bob Clay (bass guitar and vocals), and Jim Mellick (lead guitar and vocals). Jim Mellick later joined The de-Fenders and The Brymers where he played guitar and harp on the group's 1966 hit of "Sacrifice."

The Emeralds

Hanford, California


*Jeanie Sanders, lead singer, was the first artist signed to Del Fi

Records after the horrendous accident that took the life of

Delfi artist Richie Valens. Jeanie recorded Firday Night Prom and Gun Slinger in 1961 on the Del Fi label. Later on, Jeanie married Jim Mellick, of The Brymers, and frequently toured and performed with The Brymers.



The Emeralds
Hanford, Ca
Band Members L to R: Steve Brown (drums/vocvals); Robert Virden (bassguitar/vocals); Beverly Mellick (vocals); and Jim Mellick (lead guitar/vocals)
 The Nocturnes
Lemoore, CA

Steve Perry, drummer (far right) later became lead singer for Journey. Bill and Dave are currently members of a great Hanford surf group called, The Beach Band). Band members are: L. to R.: Steve Porter, Frank Bento, Bill Bilhou, and Steve Perry.


Frank Bento (guitar) was a prior member of the Challengers and The de-Fenders.  The Nocturnes later morphed into a group

called The Sullies.




The Sullies

Lemoore, CA


"The Girl I Left Behind"

The Sullies

Pictured above is a studio acetate by The Sullies.  It was recorded during 

the mid 60's and is described as similar to "The Byrds" sound with great

harmonies and a organ.  The owner of this acetate mentions that he 

found this lost treasure in a thrift store in Fresno, California.  Note, that 

Steve Perry is playing drums on this song.

The Sullies played through-out the San Joaquin

Valley and Steve Perry became the lead singer 

for "Journey."  Steve Perry is bottom row on the left 

hand side.




The Van Dykes

Fresno, California


Floyd Gains of The Deltas later performed with "The Van

Dykes through-out California. Many thanks to Stacey

(daughter of Floyd Gains) for providing this photos.


 Jim Doval and The Gauchos
Fresno, Ca
Jim Doval and the Gauchos were another tremondous

group out of Fresno. Jim was know for his great showmanship

 and the group was one of the first rock bands to ever have

two drummers. The Gauchos made seven appearances on ABC's "Shindig" T.V..  The Gauchos. The Stepping Stones, and

The Brymers were under the management of Al Verisimmo,

Mel Simas, and Bill Silva of Diplomacy Records. Many thanks to Ed Gonzales (Connor Corkill - original Gauchos band member) for

providing these photos. Band Members L to R: Kelly Smith (drums/vibraphones); Ed Gonzales (Connor Corkill) (drums/organ);

Jim Doval (vocals/guitar); Steve Quesada (lead guitar); Jose Silva (bass guitar); and Al Lopez (saxaphone/flute).

The Gauchos performing on ABC's "Shindig" (1965).
Jim Doval and The Gauchos performing  an original song called
"The Challengers'
Lemoore, CA
- 1963 -
 The Challengers surf band was formed by its members (L to R):
Ken valentine (guitar/vocals); MIke Wagner (guitar/vocals); and
Dick Lee (drums). 
 - 1963 -
 In typical garage rock fashion, "The Challengers" are seen rehearsing in Dick Lee's parent's garage.  Note that a new member
has joined the group named Frank Bento.  Members L to R:
Frank Bento (lead guitar); Ken Valentine (guitar/vocals);
Mike Wagner (guitar/vocals); and Dick Lee (drums). 
The Stepping Stones
Tulare , CA 
 "The Stepping Stones" were another great garage band
from the central valley area.  The group performed through-out
the country and played popular as-well-as "R&B" sounds
of the day.  Al Verissimo, Bill Silva (Diplomacy Records), and Mel Simas
would later manage their three bands from the valley (The Stepping
Stones, The Brymers, and The Gauchos).   The Stepping Stones
performed with the greats of the day (i.e. The Coasters, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, The Grass Roots, Jefferson Airplane, and Sunny and Cher).
Band Members L to R:
Greg Mancini (drums/vocals); Rick Delk (guitar/keyboards/vocals);
John Delmatier (sax); V.L. Sparkman (guitar/vocals); and (leaning
on fence) Al Verissimo Jr. (bass guitar/vocals).

The original founding members of The Stepping Stones were:

Elwin (Elmo) Starling (Sax, Woodwinds, percussion); Roger

Thompson (Lead Guitar, Trumpet, Keyboard); Charley

 Allen (Rhythm Guitar); Al Verissimo Jr. (Bass Guitar,

Trombone, Percussion); Richard Wasnick (Keyboard,

Trumpet); and Bobby Adome (drums).

Listen to April Silva (daughter of Bill Silva - Diplomacy
Records) sing a song called "In Cold Blood."  The
Stepping Stones backed up April at Harmony Studios,
Los Angeles (1966).   This track was released by another
label  owned by Bill Silva called "Commonwealth."
   The "A" side of the 45 r.p.m was "Under My Thumb."
Note that The Brymers was the backup group on side
 The Stepping Stones



Band Members L to R: Rick Delk (Guitar); John Delmatier (Sax);

V.L. Sparkman (Bass); Greg Manacini (Drums); Beaver Starling

(Sax), and Al Verissimo (bass and lead vocals).


The Stepping Stones with Annette Pebbles Hall




L to R: Rick Delk (guitar); Annette Pebbles Hall; V.L. Sparkman

 (guitar); Al Verissimo Jr. (Bass); John Delnatier (Sax);

and Greg Manacini (Drums).


*Many thanks to Stan Delk (brother of Rick Delk) for providing

photos and additional information aboutThe Stepping Stones.


The Stepping Stones



Band Members L to R: (front row) John Dematier (sax - Visalia); Rick Delk
(Guitar - Porterville); Ron Woodall (Organ - Visalia); and V.L. sparkman

(Bass - Visalia). Top Row from Left: Jim Maize (Trumpet - Santa Monica);

Beaver Starling (Sax - Tulare); and Bob Millarch (Drums - San Diego).




The Stepping Stones


Band Members L to R: Rick Delk (Guitar); John Delmatier (Sax);

V.L. Sparkman (Bass); Greg Manacini (Drums); Beaver Starling

(Sax), and Al Verrisimo (bass and lead vocals).


The Stepping Stones with Danny Thomas


Band Members L to R: Rick Delk (Guitar); V.L. Sparkman (Bass);  Beaver Starling (Sax); Danny Thomas;  Al Verrisimo (bass and lead vocals);        John Delmatier (Sax); and Greg Manacini (Drums).














The Stepping Stones
- 1968 -
L to R: Greg Mancini, Elwin Starling, John Delmantier (kneeling),
Rick Delk, V. L. Sparkman, and Al "Butch" Verissimo.
The Stepping Stones
- 1968 -
The Stepping Stones
(original group - 1964)
* Many thanks to Al "Butch" Verissimo for providing additional photos and information.
April Silva
Harmony Studios, Los Angeles
April Silva (daughter of Bill Silva - Diplomacy and Commonwealth
Rercords) recorded this 45 record in 1966 with The Brymers
performing the backup music.  The sound track on "B" side
("In Cold Blood") was performed by The Stepping Stones.  Note
that The Brymers, The Stepping Stones, and the Gauchos were
all under the personal management of Al
Verissimo, Bill Silva, and Mel Simas (MELCO).
The Brymers with April Silva
Harmony Studios
The Brymers are seen in a recording session with April Silva at
Harmony Studios, Los Angeles in 1966.  Brymers L to R; Bill Brumley
 (bass guitar/vocals); Mel Simas (MELCO) personal mamager;
Kenny Sinner (keyboards/guitar/vocals); Jm Mellick (lead guitar/harp/vocals); April Silva in sitting in background;
and Bill Silva (owner of Diplomacy and Commonwealth Records).
 The Brymers
Harmony Studios - Los Angeles
The Brymers are seen getting ready to lay down the track (Under My Thumb) for April Silva.  Band Members L to R: Bill Brumley, (bass/vocals); Dick Lee (drums/vocals); Kenny Sinner (keyboards/guitar/vocals);
and Jim Mellick (guitar/harp/vocals).
Control Room - Harmony Studios
L to R: Bill Silva (Diplomacy Records - Commonwealth Records)
and Chuck Segal (arranger) get read fo the final mixdown
on "Under My Thumb."  April Silva is to the right of Chuck Segal.
Listen to April Silva sing "Under My Thumb" with The
Brymers performing the backup soundtrack.

"The Buddhas "

Bakersfield, CA




"The Buddhas" were another great rock group from Bakersfield.
Please contact me ( with any additional information about the group.  The band's recording of
"Lost Innocence" can be found on the "Pebbles Volume

2 - 1992" compilation album.





Solid Gold and The Classics

Hanford, CA





Solid Gold and The Classics were a great group which hailed from

Hanford, California. The band members L. to R. : John Ferrel (vocals/guitar); Jim Greaser (vocals); John Ruck (vocals/drums);

and Larry Allen (vocals/bass guitar). Soldi Gold and

The Classics performed all over the central

valley area. 


















* Many valley groups performed on this bill.  Check out

the statement at the bottom of the poster which says

"HODADS NOT WELCOME."  Do you remember what a

 "Hodaddy" is?









The Charades Band


Tulare, California





L to R (back row): Johnny Johnson and Syl Grigsby.  L to R

(bottom row): Levern Butler, Ray Baradat, and Alex Pilkington.


A great Doo Wop group with a national hit came from Tulare, California.  Ray Baradat formed The Charades in 1959 and the group

continues to perform at gigs and "Doo Wop" concerts. Recently, The Charades performed with The Platters and Rosie (Rosie and the

Originals).  Many thanks to Ray Baradat for his input, assistance, and friendship.





"Please Be My Love Tonight"


The Charades

Tulare, Ca


Listen to "The Charades" perform their national

hit of "Please Be My Love Tonight."






Latin Knights/Charades



L to R: Charles Tyra, Will Johnson, Syl Grisby,

Ray Baradat.











The Charades


Porterville, CA


L. to R.: Johnny Johnson, Alex Pilkington, Ray Baradat,

and Syl Grigsby.







The Charades Band



Ray Baradat and Syl Grisby (two of the original members)  still

reside in the Tulare area.  L to R.: Syl Grisby, Sally Hamilton,

and Ray Baradat.




The Charades: "Connections"

Tulare, CA

March - 2010

Many thanks to Ray Baradat for providing me with The Charades latest

release titled "Connections." My favorite tract is a song that the group

recorded in 1963 and features the great harmonies of The Charades

Band. It is titled "Please Be My Love Tonight." This is a "must have"

CD if you enjoy the sounds of the 1960's.











The Latin Knights later morphed into The Charades.









10th Avenue Produce Band

Hanford, CA




 The "10th Avenue Produce Band" at the MELCO Concert

in 2007.  Band Members L to R: Jimmie Rodriques, Steve Brown,

 and Myron Fagundas.


















Pismo Beach, CA







Dick Lee (The Brymers) joined a Pismo Beach band in 1967 called

"Fapardokly."  The group performed in Pismo Beach at a small

night club (The Cove) for over a year.  It was during this time

 period that the infamous "Fapardokly" album was recorded. 

 Band Members L to R: Merrell Fankhauser (guitar/vocals);

John Oliver (bass guitar/vocals); Dick Lee drums); and

Bill Dodd (lead guitar/vocals).







"Fapardokly Album"









Visit: Sundazed Records for more information on  the Fapardokly










"Fapardokly" band members after a recent recording session.  L to R:

 Bill Dodd (guitar/vocals); Merrell Fankhauser (guitar/vocals); and

Dick Lee (drums).







"Tomorrow's Girl"










"The Ballad of Fapardokly"


"Fapardokly" members Merrell Fankhauser, Billd Dodd, and

Dick Lee get together after 40 years and record a new album.








Taking a break during the recording session of "Move To Higher Ground."










L to R: Dick Lee and Merrell Fankhauser holding a 1967 copy of the "Fapardokly" album.
(March 22, 2013)








L to R: Dick Lee and Merrell Fankhauser holding a 1967 copy of the "Fapardokly" album.
(March 22, 2013)






 The Sedate Sunshine Colony,

Kingsburg, California

(the early years)






The S.S.C. performed through-out the central valley area and for

many MELCO dances.  They had a great sound that was similar to The Grassroots and The Byrds.  Many thanks to Jeff Anderson for providing some cool photos of the S.S.C.. The S.S.C. entered the studio in July, 2008 and to recorded a CD of original songs.
















Kingsburg, CA

(L to R: Russ Zakarian - drums; Woody Bell - guitar and vocals;

Craig Anderson - guitar, keyboards, vocals; Jeff Anderson -

bass guitar and vocals; and Katie Engstrom - vocals (seated).

Many thanks to Jeff Anderson (bass guitar, vocals, writer) for providing

me with a complimentary copy of the group's new release

"Coming Home." The CD has 15 original tracks. Jeff and company

show off their great harmonies, arrangements, and instrumentation

in a must have CD.  My favorite track is a cool groove titled

"Bamboozled," followed by "The Word Is Free," and "Summer of 67."

To purchase,

go to;; or vist the SSC's cool

web site at

You can also view the S.S.C. on YouTube/sedate sunshine colony.





"The World Is Free"


Recorded live for the album "Coming Home" at the "Fly By Light Studios" 

in Kingsburg, California (September, 2009).  Band Members L to R: Jeff Anderson (bass/vocals); Woody Bell (12 String guitar/vocals); Katie Engstrom (vocals); Craig Anderson (guitar); and Russ Zakarian (drums).






Bentley Road,

Kingsburg, California




Three members of The Sedate Sunshine Colony formed a band called Anderson then recored two 45's under the name of Bentley Road.



 "Michael Michael"


Bently Road

Kingsburg, CA






The Classix

Porterville, CA









The Classix's were a great rock group which hailed from

Porterville, CA - 1963. The bass player (Kenny Sinner) later played

with The Brymers, The Charades, Kandi, Mainstreet, and many

more top name rock acts.. In 1966, Kenny wrote The Brymers'

classic hit of "Sacrifice."









The Classix are seen rockin' out at a local gig in Porterville (1964).

Kenny Sinner is on the far left playing bass guitar.







The Satellites

Tulare, CA





The Satellites were a great five piece rock-n-roll band from Tulare.  The group played through-out the central valley and performed at many

 MELCO dances.










The Misfits











The Misfits were another great rock band which hailed

from Fresno. The group played at the Pink Kitten in (Fresno)

from 1965-1969. Band Members: (L. to R.) Pete Escobedo,

Bass guitar; Louie Gonzales, Drums; Albert Delgado, Lead guitar;

and Martin Montelongo, Keyboards. Albert went on to play with

Hayward Lee and the Marauders and later Jim Doval and the Gauchos.

He currently plays with a Fresno group called "The 50's Connection."











The Misfits 

Fresno, CA


Band Members (L to R): Martin Montelongo; Country Joe Navarro;

Albert Delgado; and Henry Ramirez. A special thanks to Albert

Delgado for sending me these photos.

















Bobby Hollister and the Rialtos

Tulare, CA








"Love's Gamble"

Bobby Hollister and The Rialtos

Pike Records, Bakersfield, CA




Bobby Hollister formed The Rialtos in 1959.  Members

included Bobby Hollister (vocals-guitar); Freddie Thomas

(lead guitar); and Mike Nolan (drums).  The Rialtos per-

formed at teen dances through-out the central valley area

including many MELCO Dances.  The group played

the hits of the era (i.e. "Money" and "Last Night").  Bobby

and the Rialtos recorded two records in 1961 for

Bakersfield's "Pike Records."  The first single was

"Like Thunder" and "Breakin" (Pike 5907).  They were

surf instrumentals featuring Freddie Thomas on lead

guitar.  The second single was released later the same

year (1961) and featured a teen ballad called "Love's Gamble"

and "Ring Around Your Neck."  Both credit Hollister,

Freddie Thomas, and MIke Nolan as composer.  Bobby

was drafted in the Army on February 27, 1963.  He

was discharged in 1966 and upon his return replaced Jim

Mellick (lead guitar-vocals) in a rock group called

"The Brymers."  Hollister toured with The Brymers through-

out the country. 











"Ring Around Your Neck"

Bobby Hollister and The Rialtos

Pike Records, Bakersfield, CA











Bobby Hollister and The Rialtos

(featuring Freddie Thomas - lead guitar)

Pike Records, Bakersfield, CA












Bobby Hollister is seen here performing with

The Brymers

Salt Lake City, Utah










Bobby Hollister with The Bymers

Horsing around after a gig - Modesto, Ca





Band Members L to R: Kenny Sinner (vocals-keyboards/sax);

Bobby Hollister (vocals-lead guitar); and Bill Brumley

(vocals-bass guitar). Not pictured is Dick Lee (vocals-drums).








The Epics

Bakersfield, CA







Ric and the Epics in 1959 during their high school years.




The Epics






"Louie Come Home"








The Epics were a great rock group from Bakersfield. The group was

formed by Ric Drasin (lead guitar) in high school. The Epics became

very popular and were featured at YMCA Day at the Hollywood

Bowl in 1960. The Epics later competed in a Battle of the Bands

contest at The Hollywood Palladium and placed second out of 200 rock

groups. One of the prizes was a one year recording contract with

Capitol Records. Capitol Records then changed the name of The Epics

to The Hollywood Vines. The Hollywood Vines recorded two songs

"Crusin" and "When Johnny Comes Slidin' Home"

(released 1961). Many thanks to Ric Drasin for providing

these photos.









The Hollywood Vines

Bakersfield, CA







The Lavender Hill Mob

Fresno, CA



The Lavender Hill Mob

Fresno, 1967

Another great rock group from the Fresno area was named "The Lavender

Hill Mob." The group was managed by Mark Chenault (The Cindermen). Mark's father was part owner of "KYNO" radio in Fresno. The L.H.M. would frequently  sell out places like the Rainbow Ball Room and the old Marigold Ball Room. The group opended for name acts such as The Greatful Dead, Quick Silver Messanger Service, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Seeds, and Sunny and Cher(at the Sellen Arena). Members of the L.H. M. were: Dave Chavoya (vocals and harp), Steve Knapp (vocals and bass), Jon Knapp (vocals), Judy Knapp (vocals - later married Bill Bixley of The Cindermen), Dave Grazaini (drums), Denny Burt (guitar), and Gary Murphy (guitar). In 1967, The Lavender Hill Mob broke up and formed a new group called "Shag."  The members of "Shag" were: Larry Farmer (keyboards), Dave Grazaini (drums), Steve Knapp (bass), Denny Burt (guitar), and Dave Chavoya (vocals and harp). "Shag " went on to perform at concerts with The Doors, Blue Cheer, Santana, Canned heat, and The Dead.  **Many thanks to Dave Chavoya for providing me with this information.





The Lee Riders

Hanford, CA









The Lee Riders performed through-out the central

valley area and for many MELCO dances.





The Rhythm Aces

Tulare, CA











The Rhythm Aces were a great group based in Tulare. In 1960, the band disbanded and some members formed a group called The Rhythm Kings from Delano, while other members joined The Charades Band in Tulare. Members L to R: Freddie Rodriquez (guitar); Art "Tootie" Rodiquez (guitar); Louie Fernandes (sax); Unknow member; Henry Vaquez (sax - bass - trombone); Unknown member; Ray Martinez (percussion); and in back Manuel Garcia (drummer). The Rhythum Aces blended that great latin sound with rock-n-roll music. Once again, many thanks to Ray Baradat for this photo.






The Five Trebles

Fresno, CA



The Five Trebles - 1958

Fresno, CA

The Five Trebles were based in Fresno, California. Note that the keyboard player is Jim Doval who later formed Jim Doval and the Gauchos. Once agian, many thanks to Melissa O. Simon.

Modesto, CA
"Eisage" - 1967

Modesto, California

Another great four piece San Joaquin Valley group was called "Eisage." They hailed from Modesto, California and rocked the north valley area. Many thanks to Lennis Scheline (Kingsburg) for the photo.





The photo above is of a 1967 concert at the Modesto Skate Arena

featuring The Doors and Eisage.



Sam Eddy and the Revels
San Luis Obispo, CA

Another great group which played through-out the

San Joaquin Valley during the early 60's were The Revels. Their most

well known track "Church Key" was recorded by numerous surf groups of the

era. The Revels came together in 1957 while attending San Luis Obispo

High School. They were first known as Gil Serna and the Rockets.

The Revels first single "Six Pack" was released in 1959. In the summer of 1960

Sam Eddy and The Revels released their infamous single "Church Key."

The Revels performed frequently in the summer months at "Bass Lake" at a

teen night club called "The Falls" (located a short distance from Fresno).

At one time, Merrell Fankhauser played with the group. The Revels

recordings can be found at "Sundazed"

Sam Eddy and the Revels
This photo was taken at Morro Bay, Ca.
This photo of Sam Eddy and the Revels was taken in the early 1960's.
This photo of Sam Eddy and the Revels was taken in the early 1960's
at Morro Bay.

The above photo of the Revels was taken as Bass Lake (East of Fresno, Ca) where the group performed on on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights during 1960.  Band members clockwise from upper left: Brian England, Dan Darnold, Norman Knowles, Sam Eddy, Jim Macrae, and Dave Davis, (Dave Davis replaced original guitartist Gil Serna in 1960). In 1994, one of The Revels great surf tunes (Comanche) was placed in the hit movie - "Pulp Fiction."







Merrell Fankhauser with "The Revels"

 - 1992 -

Pismo Beach, CA

(L to R): Sam Eddy, piano; Jerry Sagouspe, drums; Jim MaCrae, bass; Dean Sorenson, sax (kneeling); Norman Knowles, sax (back row); Merrel Fankhauser, guitar and Tim Fankhauser, guitar (Merrell's son).


"Church  Key"
"The Revels" featuring Merrell Fankhauser
This is a photo of a demo album by The Revels.  Note, that it does
not have an album label.
Bob Hafner
Below, is an article that appeared in the Chicago
The Kings Verses
Fresno, CA
 The Kings Verses was another great rock group that hailed from
 Fresno (1966). The group is best know for their hard

driving fuzz guitar leads.  Visit or for recordings by "Kings Verses." 

The group performed in Los Angeles duirng the late 1960's.



Band Members L to R:  Bill Kufis; Lloyd Bell; Jim Baker;
and Bob Melchor.
Listen to the cool sounds of Kings Verses as they perform an
original called "Lights."
Listen to the "Kings Verses" perform live. 
purchase Kings Verses CD's. 

Many thanks to Conrad Jimenez (Fresno) for this photo and for

his support of the great 1960's San Joaquin Valley Rock-n-Roll





Pat and Lolly Vegas
Fresno, CA


Pat and Lolly Vegas
Fresno, CA

Hailing from Fresno, California, brothers Lolly and Pat Vasquez started their professional musical careers backing 50's crooner Jimmy Clanton ("Just a Dream" and "Venus In Blue Jeans").  The brothers spent several years touring with Clanton and finally decided to strike out on their own in 1961.  Pat and Lolly recorded numerous singles over the years and appeared on "ABC's" Shindig several times.  Later on both brothers became part of a great Fresno band called "Redbone."

"La Bamba and Twist and Shout"
Pat and Lolly Vegas
July 11, 1964
 "Write Me Baby"
Pat and Lolly Vegas 
Pat and Lolly perform an original song on Shindig called
"Write Me Baby."
Fresno, CA
Taking its name from a Cajun epithet for "half-breed," Redbone boasted members
 of such Native American tribes as Cherokee, Yaqui, Apache, and Shoshone. Remembered primarily as the first commercially successful American Indian rock group, the band attained brief success in the early 1970s for two bona fide pop singles, "Witch Queen of New Orleans" and "Come and Get Your Love." The band's albums, however, were more complex affairs, mingling topical issues—including the
Wounded Knee massacre of Sioux Indians by the Seventh Cavalry in 1890 and the Native American protests on Alcatraz Island in 1969—with Native American
chants and long, improvisational jams. Following the success of "Come and
Get Your Love," which became a huge dance hit, the band increasingly tilted
 toward dance- and disco-flavored music before disbanding in the late 1970s.



"Witch Queen of New Orleans"
Listen to "Redbone" as they perform their hit of "Witch Queen of New
 Orleans."  Note that Pat and Lolly Vegas formed the group.

"Wounded Knee" 
Listen to "Redbone" perform another one of their hits called
"Wounded Knee." 



"The Rose Garden"
Pismo Beach, CA
(circa 1964)

Pismo Beach, California is located approximately two hours west

of Fresno, California. During the 1960's a great rock teen dance

 club played host to many of the top rock-n-roll acts of the era. It

was named The Rose Garden. All of the great San Joaquin Valley

bands of the 1960's played at the infamous "Rose Garden." Every

Saturday night, The Rose Garden featured rock-n-roll name acts

such as Jim Hendrix, The Jefferson Airplane, Cold Blood, Iron Butterfly, Creedance Clearwater Revival, The Yard Birds, Dick Dale,

The Surfaris, The Chantays, and many more timeless rock groups.

The San Joaquin Valley groups along with California coastal groups performed with the headliners. Some of these bands were The Sentinals, The Revels, The Challengers, The Impacts, HMS Bounty, The de-Fenders, The Gauchos, The Road Runners, The Deltas, The Brymers, The Brogues, The Surf Teens, and The Classix.


"The Rose Garden"

Pismo Beach, California


 "The Sentinals"
San Luis Obispo, Ca

Another one of my favorite groups that frequently played in the valley

hailed from the San Luis Obispo area. They were called The Sentinals

and played a surf - latin sound. The group was signed by Del-Fi Records

in 1963 and recorded a number of surf albums. The group was

formed in 1961 and disbanded in the mid 1960's. John Barbarta

(drummer) went on to become a member of The Turtles and The

Jefferson Starship. Lee Michaels (keyboards/vocals) was with the

group for a while. Tommy Nunes played lead guitar and sang while

Kenny Hinkle played bass guitar and also provided vocals.

This promo photo was taken of "The Sentinals" in San Luis Obispo,
California during the mid 1960's.  Many thanks to Bob Nunes for
providing these photos.
The Sentenals 
(Early 1960's)
"Big Surf"
The Sentenals
The Sentrys
Coalinga, CA

The Sentrys were a very cool group from Coalinga, Ca (West

side of The San Joaquin Valley). According to Mike Popejoy (guitar), the birth of the Sentrys was 1957. The group's first name was The Red

Royals. Later on, Randy Hall (The Roadrunners) suggested the

name "The Sentrys." The group played locally for Coalinga

High School functions, Legion Hall activities, The Eagles Hall, and

The Elks Lodge. Band members include: Jerry Oliver (guitar);

Mike Popejoy (guitar); Jack Tiner (drums); Paul Porter

(drums - later on); Rick Weekly (bass); Barney Diaz (lead vocals);

and Phil Oliver (tenor saxophone). Many thanks to Mike Popejoy for providing this information.

Discography of The Sentrys

1. The Sentrys: "On the Road After 40 Years"

2. The Essential Sentrys: "Makin' Jam"

3. The Sentrys: "Formally Yours - The Last Bash"

 The Sentry's latest release "Formally Yours," The Last Bash! is
a must have CD if you enjoy the great sound of the 60's.
 "Twelve Miles Out"

Kingsburg, CA

(1966 - 1970)


"Twelve Miles Out" (TMO) was another great rock group from the

Kingsburg area. The group performed locally for MELCO Dances

and frequently at a teen night club in Fresno called The Crimson

Castle. TMO was an opening act for a MELCO Dance which featured

"The Gollywogs (Credence Clearwater Revival) in the late 1960's.

The group derived its name from drink called "Twelve Miles Out."

The members were: Jerry Satterberg, (Drummer - Leader - Vocals);

Dave Deaver (Lead Guitar - Vocals); Chris Jensen (Hammond B-3 - Vocals);

and Tim Harris (Bass guitar - Vocals). In 1968, Dave Deaver left the

group and was replaced by Larry Young on Lead guitar). The unofficial

manager, sound tech, and substitute bass player was Lennis Scheline.

* Many thanks to Lennis Scheline (Kingsburg) for providing this information.


"Rick Lee and The Barons"

Bakersfield, CA



L to R - Back Row: Randy Cierley Sterling,

Rick Lee Holguin, Mike Woods, and Tom Salmons.

L To R - Front Row: Dave Pearson and Jim Burress.

Rick Lee and The Barons were billed as one of the

best groups from Fresno to LA and from Tehachapi

to San Luis Obispo. The Barons drew audiences from all over

 central and southern California. To thwart negative press

about Rock-N-Roll dances The Barons placed an ad in the

"Bakersfield Californian" inviting parents to attend free of

charge to see what good clean fun was being had at the

 well attended, alcohol and violence free, concerts.

The Barons backed "The Paradons" on Diamonds and Pearls"

(1959) and "The Blue Jays" on "Lovers Island." Randy

Cierley later changed his name to Randy Sterling and

continued in the music business. He worked with indviduals

such as Larry Taylor, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart,

Sonny and Cher, The Kingston Trio, and spent three years as

part of the road band backing Neil Diamond.


 One of the early photos of Ric Lee and The Barons. 

Many thanks to Susan Burnett for providing this

information and photos.




"United Sons of America"

Bakersfield, CA









The "United Sons of America" were a five piece band which hailed from

Bakersfield, California. The group released one album in 1970 titled

"Greetings from the U.S. of A." (Mercury). The "U.S. of A." band members consisted of Gerry Blake (vocals/keyboards); Jerry Richey (bass guitar); Steve

Woods (Vocals/Percussion); Mike Huestis (drums); and Richard Freeman

(vocals/guitar). Mike Huestis (drums) was a member of many other

Bakersfield bands such as "The Centaurs," "Soul Research Foundation," and

"Flight." The "United Sons of America" were a great rock band as evidenced

by many of the cuts on their only release ("Welcome to the U.S. of A.").

My favorite track off the album is "Children of the Midst." An original song

("Friends Come and Gone") is also a killer track. I recommend going to

You Tube and giving it a listen. Many thanks to Michael S. Huestis (son of

Mike Huestis) for contacting me and providing this information.





"Children of the Midst"

United Sons of America












United Sons of America






"Posters From the 1960's Dances

Held through-out The San Joaquin Valley"








The Road Runners and The de-Fenders performed together on numberous

occassions. To purchase a reproduction of this poster from 1965 - see the

"Posters" tab on this site.

















































































 "Michael and the Jesters"

Dinuba, CA


L to R: Rich Planas (guitar/vocals) and Mick Kemmerer (guitar/vocals)

Band Members:  Mick Kemmerer (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Jim Runjuvac (bass), Ron Schendel (Organ/Vocals), Richard Planas (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Danny Gomez (drums), Cecil Rhodes (lead vocals), and Isaiah Willis, Jr. (lead vocals).


Featured is Cecil Rhodes (lead singer for Michael and the Jesters)


L to R: Cecil Rhodes and Jim Runjavac (1965)



Pictured above are (L to R): Cecil Rhodes and Isaiah Willis, Jr. singing 

"You've Lost That Lovin Feeling."

"Michael and the Jesters"  performed through-out the San Joaquin Valley

and were based out of a town South of Fresno called Dinuba.  The group played 

rock-n-roll hits of day in addition to the Beach Boys and the British Mercey Sound.  

Michael and the Jesters  were mainly known for their great Motown sounds of Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Bobby Blue Bland, Ray Charles, Otis Redding, 

and Sam Cooke.   Cecil Rhodes (lead singer) would frequently please and excite the audience with his performance of the entire James Brown album ("Live at the Apollo").   The 

group performed and won many battle of the bands and was frequently booked by MELCO.  Michael and the Jesters were frequent performers at The Crimson Castle, Cinamon Cinder, and the Marigold Ballroom.

Mishael and the Jesters disbanded in 1967 due to many members being drafted into the Vietnam War.  Below, is one of their recordings: "Screwdriver."

Many thanks to Cecil Rhodes (lead singer) for providing the photos and bio information.
















Stockton, CA 


(1968 - 1972)






Band Members L to R:   John Turner (Guitar), Tim Mora (Drums - kneeling), Frank Colli (Lead Vocals - Bass), and Mark Ross (Keyboards).


"Wildwood" was a great garage band based out of Stockton, CA from

 1968 - 1972).  The group's high energy powerful tracks were fueled by lead vocalist Frank Colli.  The group currently has a two CD album out with some cool songs.  Go to iTunes, Amazon, or Napster to hear the tracks.  This is a must listen to band!    "Wildwood" was originally called "The Mal-T's" (1967-1968).  It's members were: Tim Mora (drums), Bob Zachary (lead vocals), Mark Ross (keyboards), Danny Williams (guitar and vocals), and Johnny Hensley (bass and vocals).
















Mark Ross (Keyboards) performing with Wildwood at the Fillmore Auditorium

 in San Francisco (late 60's).






The Rev-Lons


Bakersfield, CA








The Rev-Lons were a tremendous female group that were

based out of Bakersfield, California.  The Rev-Lons were 

comprised of three sisters (Rachael Hernandez, Lupe

Hernandez, and Francis Harnandez.  The group was formed while

 the sisters were attending Garces High School in Bakersfield.

The Rev-Lons recorded numerous records for Warner

 Brothers, Reprise, and GarPax Records.  I recommend going to

their web site and listening to some very cool sounds.